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Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen, D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder


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Translating this as 'twigs' would, however, be more misleading than 'branches'. The clearing is peaceful. There is no 'I' in this scene so far — in fact, no people at all were mentioned directly in the first stanza. That hint may seem far-fetched, but now, in the second line of the second stanza, the red glow 'waves to us' — that is, two or more people, inconceivably D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder 'royal we'.

The rocking boat glides like swans. The red glow waves in friendship to us. Let us not try the reader's patience with an essay on the philosophical understanding of reflection as a transformation of reality, particularly in the works of Plato, a philosopher well known to Stolberg. We made a start here, the rest is up to the reader.

The third line-pair of the second stanza ties these Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen together: the joy of heaven and the peace of the grove are breathed in by the soul. Is this titbit significant? Probably not. The joy of Heaven and the peace of the grove Drinks in the soul in the reddening glow. The third stanza introduces the theme of time: the boat drifts and rocks on its 'cradling' waves, but time disappears on its 'dewy wings'.

It will do so tomorrow, just as it did yesterday and as it is doing today. In this stanza, for the first time in the poem, an ich'I', and a mir'me', appear. A key word in the poem is Achan exclamation usually translated as 'Oh'.

Such a small word, so often a verbal filler in other poetry, appears in the present poem twice and plays an important role. In the first instance, at the beginning of the third line, it is used with a comma as a caesura, a metric break — just the kind of brief pause you might experience at a wave peak and as such a stroke of metrical Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen. Oh, on the joy of softly shimmering waves The soul glides like the boat. It is an abbreviated way of expressing D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder at the sudden realisation of the parallel between the boat gliding on the water and the soul gliding on the joy brought forth by the glinting waves.

The word Ach guides the transition from the 'real' scene into the metaphor of the soul, the 'irreal' scene. The word might be translated into English by a phrase such D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder 'just think' or 'just like'. The second Ach at the beginning of the third stanza is Opportunity Knockers - Shakespears Sister* - #3 used as a caesura but has a similar semantic function to the first occurrence.

Ach marks the sudden insight into the 'irreal' metaphor behind the 'real-world' situation of the sunset at the woodland lake. We note that the wings of time are tauig'dewy', dew being the signature of the day-night boundary, the counter of passing time, tomorrow-today-yesterday.

One more easily overlooked word deserves our attention: denn'because' or 'since', in the first stanza, at the beginning of line 5. Oh, on the joy of softly shimmering waves The soul glides like the boat; Because down from Heaven on to the waves the red of the evening dances around the boat. The word denn links the third line-pair with its predecessor, which had transformed the boat into a metaphor of the soul gliding upon the joy of the softly shimmering waves, Denn'because', the third sense-unit tells us, the sunset comes down from Heaven.

The sunset is not a passive phenomenon, it is an active cause of the Freude des Himmels und Ruhe des Hainesthe 'joy of Heaven and peace of the grove' — the sunset waves to us, it dances on the waves and the reeds whisper.

Readers in a hurry will scoot over the third stanza and Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen it some lament on the 'time flies' theme: carpe diem'seize the day', we are all going to die sooner or later. Careful readers, their index fingers slowly tracking along the lines across their screens, are brought to a stop by entschwinde'disappear', 'flee'.

With the 'time flies' theme in our heads we were expecting wird entschwinden future, since we are talking about tomorrow or Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen present as future. What Stolberg gives us is entschwindewhich is the third person present subjunctive or the imperative of the verb. Your translator has already represented this as 'May time flee as yesterday and today' and thus already given the game away: Stolberg is not looking forward to getting D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder wings and fluttering off to heaven, not at all.

He is wishing for more joyous sunset days such as the Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen he has experienced today and yesterday. Time does indeed fly — he notes that in the first line of this stanza, with regret Ach.

But in the next line pair, as noted, he wants time to fly tomorrow as it has D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder today. As such the phenomenon is embedded in time. He cannot wish time away and still experience the glory of that sunset.

The final entschwinde is the simple first person present indicative of entschwindenagreeing with the subject ich. Unfortunately, so great is the anticipation of the 'time flies' theme that it seems to overwhelm even people from whom you would D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder more accuracy.

These commas can only be tolerated by someone with a tin ear. She also mutilates Stolberg's metaphor wie der Kahn by changing it into the ridiculous wie ein Kahn. She is not alone: CD booklets around the world are decorated with such mutilations and more — let's not even mention the internet. Keep cheerful! Do not see this window again for the duration of the session. Auf dem Wasser zu singen. Auf dem Wasser Cat Snow - Pumpkin Buzzard - Punk Slime singen.

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Collections of free-scores-admin 5 Hungarian folk songs. Blank Nachts Um Halb Eins - City - City music. Brahms' Orchestra Works. Brahms' Piano Works. He was born the son of a Danish magistrate and owner of a manorial estate, Count Christian zu Stolberg. His other studies embraced the Classics and various historical courses.

After leaving the university the brothers made a journey to Switzerland in company with the famed poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Harmonically, the song as a whole and within each stanza traces a movement from the minor mode to the major mode : the song begins in A-flat minor and ends in A-flat major.

Franz Liszt transcribed the piece for solo pianoS. The song was used on the album Barbra Streisand In the midst of the shimmering, mirroring waves Glides like swans the rocking boat Ah, on softly shimmering waves of joy Glides the soul away like the boat. Schumann's Piano Works. Sor - Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus 1.

Sor - Six divertissements pour la guitare Opus D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder. Tchaikovsky's Orchestra Works - I. The Gimo Music Collection. The Lancer's Quadrilles. By Franz Schubert. Voice and piano. German with literal English translations and notes by G. Contains all the cycles plus 42 selected songs. Published by International Music Co. D.774 - Franz Schubert - 15 Lieder Similaires. For high voice.


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    The following is a list of the complete secular vocal output composed by Franz Schubert (31 January – 19 November ).. It is divided into eleven sections, and attempts to reflect the most current information with regards to Schubert's catalogue.
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    Aug 18,  · Auf dem Wasser zu singen D (Op. 72) Franz Peter Schubert. LIKE 1. SHARE. PLAYLIST Franz Schubert: 15 Selected Songs (Low Voice) Low voice [Sheet music + Audio access] Schubert Franz - Lieder Vol.1 - Voix Haute High voice, Piano Peters. EUR - /5(5).
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    Auf dem Wasser zu singen (S/2) Arrangement of the song Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D (Op), by Franz Schubert 3. Du bist die Ruh (S/3) Arrangement of the song Du bist die Ruh, D (Op No.3), by Franz Schubert 4. 12 Lieder von Franz Schubert: 12 pieces: 1. Sei mir gegrüsst (S/1) EUR - Sold by Woodbrass Pre /5.
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    Aug 18,  · I had wanted to get acquainted with Schubert Lieder, was interested in Barbara Bonney, and this was an excellent introduction. Of all strange things, "Du bist die Ruh" (You Are Repose) turned out to be one of my all-time favorites. And the CD concludes with a very fine rendition (with clarinet) of "Der Hirt auf dem Felsen" (The Shepherd on the /5(16).
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    This page lists all recordings of Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D (To be sung on the water) by Franz Peter Schubert () Skip to main content. Wishlist My account Help $ 0 items, $ Select a department to search Offer, Schubert: Lieder. The Complete Songs for Baritone.
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    Jul 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; "Auf dem Wasser zu singen"; Franz Schubert YouTube The Best of Schubert - Duration: Classical Music11 3,, views.
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    Auf dem Wasser zu singen. Graf Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg Mitten im Schimmer der spiegelnden Wellen. Franz Peter Schubert was an late Classical and early Romantic composer. composing more the vocal works (largely Lieder), and well as several symphonies, operas, and a large body of piano music. He was uncommonly gifted.
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    12 Lieder von Franz Schubert Alt ernative. Title Composer Liszt, Franz: Opus/Catalogue Number Op./Cat. No. S ; LW.A42 I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. No. IFL Movements/Sections Mov'ts/Sec's: 12 pieces Sei mir gegrüsst, S/1 Arrangement of Sei mir gegrüsst, D; Auf dem Wasser zu singen, S/2 Arrangement of Auf dem Wasser zu singen Composer: Liszt, Franz.
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    Auf dem Wasser zu singen (To sing on the water), D. , is a Lied composed by Franz Schubert in , based on the poem of the same name by Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg.. The text describes a scene on the water from the perspective of the narrator who is in a boat, and delves into the narrator's reflections on the passing of time.